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The Great Gatsby

In social conversation if you mention The Great Gatsby most comment on how they “love” (thrown around too much as it is much less within the context of this book) the book. My mom just recently said “it has such beautiful language in it.” Recently in O magazine bookshelf David D., or Hank as I … Continue reading

NYC: Scalini Fedeli

So although this place is not hip or young- no bar in sight, it was a delightful white tablecloth-candlelight joint. I turned into “sweet Rachel” there which I always like when someone can bring out that side of me (mom says that is my true side as I was so sweet when I was little … Continue reading


It has been so long since I’ve blogged I forgot how to sign in and how to actually post so this short post took quite some time my friend. Which gets me to the topic of consistency. Something I have always lacked- which is why I wasn’t on any teams in high school- I just … Continue reading

Marrietta, Angeli Cuvee

We also had this bottle at Extra Virgin in Kansas City. It was much bolder than the Chandon. A blend of three grapes: zin, petite syrah and carignane. This wine bursts with rich flavor– some spice perhaps blackberry- I’m not good at determining those things. What I can easily determine is if I liked it- … Continue reading

Chandon Pinot Meunier

We had a bottle of this surprising red wine at Extra Virgin in Kansas City.  The grape, pinot meunier, is typically used as a mixing grape for champagne. It is notably delicate grape, making it difficult to grow to bottle as a single varietal. It is rarely planted outside of the Champange region in France. … Continue reading

The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova

Kostova’s first book, The Historian, is one I often recommend to others, but I was hesitant to read The Swan Thieves as the description sounded too much like a played-out mystery novel.  But as luck would have it, I was stuck in La Guardia (or perhaps I should say I was unprepared for my weekly … Continue reading

South Carolina Brown Pelicans

According to the kayak instructor in Hilton Head brown pelicans are one of the least efficient hunting birds. They only catch a fish one out of twenty dives. They do have a bit of a disadvantage as their eyelids are not “waterproofy” (meaning I don’t know the correct term.) Most diving birds have a “waterproofy” … Continue reading

KC’s World War I Museum

So I’m not big on seeing items of dress, guns, ammo and such which they sure have a lot of, but here is a list of things I found interesting: – When you walk in there is glass bridge- underneath are a field of poppy’s- 1,000 of them each representing 9,000 people killed in the … Continue reading

Park No. 9–Boston

Super cute located at— you got it: 9 Park in Beacon Hill. Apps: Kingfish Crudette- awesome; Corn Tortellini- totally awesome- each bite burst a creamy, corn flavor into the farthest reaches of the mouth. I had the slow roasted veal loin (sorry)- with potato salad (a few tiny roasted potatoes perfectly seasoned with a splash of … Continue reading

DuMont Burger- Brooklyn

Air heavily perfumed with stale beer– like the youthful ignorance of high school guys dosing themselves in Drakar. It was hard to concentrate on anything else. I don’t even like fresh beer really. The mac and cheese with bacon was average– albeit probably the best thing ordered. Apparently they use all sorts of white cheese: … Continue reading